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Founded in 2000 with a focus on life science and technology
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Technology Mentoring and Funding

Most investments are Wisconsin based. Often, we collaborate with other angel networks and investors on an early round and occasionally we join later, larger rounds. We also invite other investment groups to join our meetings on a reciprocal basis.

Please view our website, and if interested in talking with us, see the contact information in the footer, or use any other email link in our site to contact one of our co-managers.

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Our Mission: WIP seeks to make early stage investments in technology and life science companies, through which we can leverage member expertise, contacts, and interests toward superior investment outcomes.
Your Mission: We want to help you succeed with your game-changing ideas and strategic business plans. Our members are experienced and resourceful at supporting new businesses like yours.
Our network has invested in more than 40 projects with an average of $300,000 per project. Each member decides his or her investment for each project. There is no annual investment minimum for members. We have typically made 5 new investments each year. Follow on investments have become more prominent. The investments are made via an LLC, which is set up exclusively for each investment, greatly facilitating recordkeeping and tax return preparation for each investor member.
Meetings are held each month on the 3rd Wednesday. Typically, a presentation is made by a new company, which has passed our screening group consisting of interested members. The monthly meetings also include updates from portfolio companies and discussion of evaluation information for target companies.

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